Orthopedics department is concerned with treatment of all conditions relating to the musculoskeletal system (Musculoskeletal system is the combination of the muscular and skeletal system working together which includes bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments of the body) of the body. 

Othropedic surgeons use both surgical and nonsurgical means to treat conditions under orthopedic.

This department includes procedures/treatments like Knee replacement, Hip replacement, ACL reconstruction, all kinds of fractures, spinal infusion, Implant removal, Amputations, Stabilization Of Spinal Cord, Implant Removal, ORIF Shaft Of Femur, Carpal Tunnel Release, Reduction Of Dislocation, Tibia Fracture -Proximal/Middle/Distal- ORIF/CRIF, Trigger Finger Release, Arthrotomy, etc.

Hospitilio has listed all procedures under this department along with the package price of hospitals. Select your procedure from the list, compare and choose the package that suits your need.

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