Frequent Asked Questions

What does hospitilio.com offers ?

Hospitilio.com is a cloud based service which helps you find and compare different hospital/ costs/ doctors/ facilities etc for all your healthcare needs.

I already have a medical health insurance, then why do I need hospitilio.com ?

  • Although you have a medical health insurance, the insurance amount would be limited for a year and you would not like to spend a lot on only a single treatment and instead keep some cover aside for any future use for you or the members covered under the same policy.
  • Hospitilio.com helps you to know the price of the treatment. You are sure if the cost is within your insurance cover.
  • Premium of your insurance is also dependent on the total claims made by you in previous year. Lower the claim, lower will be the premium. Hospitilio.com helps you cut down on your cost and thus a potential lower premium.

I don't have medical insurance and have limited budget.

Hospitilio.com is very useful for patients who does not have any medical insurance and has limited budget. This platform helps you find and compare the costs of different hospitals or healthcare providers. You can filter the price of the package as per your budget and get the list of hospitals which fits you best.

I can always contact the hospital directly instead of using hospitilio.com

It is very convenient to use hospitilio.com and besides it gives you an option to compare multiple hospitals. Visiting multiple hospitals to get the package details will be cumbersome besides being time consuming.

How is hospitilio.com different from others?

Hospitilio.com endeavours to make healthcare transparent and enables you to make informed decision on all your healthcare needs. It empowers you to choose and compare different hospital/ costs/ doctors/ facilities etc.

What if I have complaint against the hospital/healthcare service provider for any post treatment complications?

All matters relating to healthcare services/treatments are strictly between you and the hospital/healthcare service provider. Any complaints regarding treatment or any medical complications may be directly raised to the hospital/healthcare service provider and seek explanation. Hospitilio.com is only a website which helps the patients search and find different packages for treatments/procedures.

Is hospitilio.com responsible for my treatment?

No, hospitilio.com is not responsible for your treatment. The hospital/healthcare service provider you choose is responsible for treatment.

What treatments/procedures I can search for?

You may search for any treatment/procedures, you will get the search results for the ones which are listed in our website at present. You can also search for health checkup packages and investigations as well.

What if I do not find the treatment/procedure that I am looking for?

If you are looking for any treatment/procedures which are not listed in our website, you may drop us a line for the same to info@hospitilio.com, we shall try and find the same for you and confirm you accordingly. We have listed only those packages which has been shared with us by the hospitals/healthcare service providers.

Can I compare hospitals and their services besides the costs?

Yes you can compare the hospitals, their services and infrastructure. Background of the hospitals, facilities and doctors are available in the website. There will also be reviews available posted by patients who had undergone treatment in the hospitals.

What's next when I finally choose my package/hospital?

After you have arrived at a package and hospital of your choice, all you need to do is click on "Contact Me" and fill in the required details. The concerned hospital/healthcare service provider will get back to you. Alternatively you may sign up in hospitilio.com and create a user ID, this would help you to keep a track of your searches and manage them. You can also communicate with the concerned hospital via chat once you login.

How can I refer a package/hospital to my family or friend?

You need to sign up and create a login ID in hospitilio.com. Once ID is created, you may login and have the option of referring packages to your family or friend.

Does hospitilio.com charge anything?

No, hospitilio.com does not charge any fees. It is free of cost for patients/visitors looking for healthcare packages.

Is it necessary to create a Login ID?

It would be advisable to create your login ID as you have the option to do lot many things like communicating with the hospitals/healthcare service providers for any queries and referring packages to your family and friends.

What do I do if I have any query for the hospital?

You need to sign up and create a login ID in hospitilio.com. Once ID is created, you may login and have the option of putting up any query to the hospitals directly.